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Adult Man Arrested After Posing As A Student

A man was arrested after it was discovered he was posing as a student at Cleburne County High School

David Samuel Blackwell
David Samuel Blackwell, Cleburne County Jail 

On Tuesday, March 14th, 23-year-old David Samuel Blackwell was arrested after he told the principal that he was a 'new student' at Cleburne County High School located in Heflin, Alabama.

At 8 am, David entered the high school with two other students, 18-year-old and 17-year-old, respectively. The police report states that the three suspects were not armed. The school principal spotted David but did not recognize him as a student, he asked him who he was, David replied that he was a 'new student'. The principal told David to follow him, David fled the from the principal.

Seeing the imposter run, the principal immediately put the school on lockdown, the school coach caught David soon after, when he spotted him on school property.

Heflin police responded to the lockdown with five police units, they searched the school in case of any more intruders.

After questioning the three stated that the incident was supposed to be a practical joke.

Some residents complained at how seriously the school handled the situation but Chief A.J. Benefield of the Heflin police department praised the school, "Immediately upon identifying the possible Threat, they all took immediate actions for the safety of all students and Faculty. Some Teachers and Faculty even help Law Enforcement by running down a Suspect and detaining him. There's not time to make a bunch of phone calls, when you have to take swift immediate action, and make split second decisions.

He ended the statement by praising everyone that aided in securing the school and students, "The Brave Actions taken today by CCHS School Faculty made us at Heflin Police Department know that their number one priority is our kids. GREAT JOB CCHS Faculty and Superintendent Chad Young!"

The 18-year-old and 17-year-old were charged with aiding and abetting the intruder. David Samuel Blackwell was charged with third-degree burglary and interfering with government operations, he is currently being held in Cleburne County Jail.

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