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Grandmother, 82, Spits On Police Officers Face

An 82-year-old woman spits in a police officer's face after he tried to come in between an argument

Josette Marielouise Jordan, West Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office

On Thursday, September 14th, 82-year-old Josette Marielouise Jordan was involved in a heated argument with a customer whilst she was shopping at Publix Super Market, West Palm Beach, Florida, a police officer tried to split up the incident, Josette retaliated with a well-aimed glob of saliva.

Josette got into an argument with a woman whilst they were both shopping at Publix, the argument became heated and the woman decided to report the incident to a security guard. The woman reported the incident to the security guard, who was an off-duty West Palm Beach police officer.

Josette spotted the woman speaking to the officer and interrupted the exchange, she began verbally harassing the woman. she then left the store after purchasing her item, she soon returned to the store to continue her verbal tirade against the woman.

The security guard tried to escort Josette out of the store, he placed his hand on her arm to guide her out, Josette screamed, “Help, help, he is a brute,”. Josette managed to sit on the floor on top of her purse blocking the exit for customers, a customer aided the officer in lifting Josette off the floor. As Josette stood up she spat on the right side of the officer's face.

Josette Marielouise Jordan was arrested and charged with resisting an officer, aggravated battery on an officer and resisting arrest without violence. Josette was placed in Palm Beach County Jail but was released after she posted her $3,000 bail.

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